With predictions of a rise in video content in 2018 by Social Media Examiner, it is only natural that there will be even more increase in the use of video editing tools as the year progresses.  While Adobe Premiere is one of the best editing tools out there, not every designer can boast of being a pro at it. This is why we have come up with a list of alternatives that video and photo creators can use in place of the popular Adobe. Here are some of them.

  • Viva Video

This free app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Designers can easily create personalised videos with themes, stickers, fonts and music. This requires no professional experience, just a few hours of getting familiar with the app.


Video Effects


Screen recorder


Stickers and Fonts

Export and Share


Video Collage

SlideShow Maker

Normal video editing tools

  • Windows Movie Maker

Manufactured by Microsoft, this movie maker may be found on many PCs and Macs with a Microsoft Windows package.

It is a great reliable alternative for home users who wish to make beautiful stories very quickly.


Import and Export



Split & Duplicate

Reposition clips

  • Apple IMovie

Available to only Mac devices, this option may be better than Windows Movie Maker. It has an awesome interface and magnificent picture quality.



Sound effects

Freeze frame

Mute Audio

Video effects



White Balance

Stabilisation feature

Colour matching