Your social media team is ‘on point’. You can boast of thousands of followers, regular engagements, website clicks, prospective customers commenting to make inquiries – the virtual crowd is constantly hyping your product. People love your website layout, designs and graphics and use it as a point of reference to their Shomolu web designers. Your posts are consistent and your pictures are absolutely enticing. Your digital marketing ego is on fire right now and the likelihood of big profit is almost at your doorstep. You have freedom online. Woohoo!

But hold on a second. Your product quality is average. Your production team is lax and all you really care about is outshining competition. Nothing is the way it should be in reality, so you went digital to gain flawless victory. It’s fine. It’s good move. What would make it great is merging your digital media glory with actual business reality. Here’s how you can make it happen:

  • The Right Product

Most important in the 4Ps of Marketing is the product, and developing the right product that will excite your target requires an understanding of their needs, based on careful study and research. Upon development of a needed solution, service or product, then comes the application of all the other tricks in the book – branding, publicity, relationship building, etc

  •  Branding

According to Jay Baer, branding is the art of aligning how you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company. How can this be achieved?

Become what appeals to your audience

Find out what appeals to your audience

  • Publicity

Spread detailed awareness about your business in your physical environment. It is important that word must be spread aggressively amidst and not outside your target audience. Also, use materials and casual talk to familiarize your physical audience with your online network platforms.

  • Building Relationships

It is not enough to exchange every services or goods with a smile. Long lasting relationships gives room for top of the mind awareness and customer comebacks.