Written By: Ife Akintobi 


To be honest with you, I disliked Games Of Thrones. Season 1 was so confusing that I stopped before I could finish it. Thought it would be like one of those series you stumble on, watch briefly and move on. No, not Game Of Thrones.

The obsession for the 8th season has been crazy, too crazy. I literally wake up every Monday to memes, videos, and bants all related to Game Of Thrones. What everyone on my timeline was basically talking about is GoT. At first, I was disgusted, like “Can you all just keep this yourself”, but, it was as if every one of them was deaf. Next Monday, I woke up to the same thing. This time I was intrigued, the passion was too much and some of my friends couldn’t say two things without referring to it.

I was beginning to feel old and outdated, so I decided to retrace my steps, go back to King’s Landing and follow the adventure of Arya, the pain of Sansa, the rise and fall of Robb, and the unbelievable exploits of Jon Snow. Now in season eight, and like all of my friends on social, I am officially jinxed.

Here are my 5 reasons why I think people are so fu*king crazy about the series.

1. The Story is Well Written:

The storyline! It was written by great writers such as George R Martin and David Benioff and others, in a captivating manner that leaves people in a state of wonder and suspense about what will happen in the next episode and sometimes in a state of unbelief/rage about certain events in each episode. After seeing your favourite character killed unexpectedly, wouldn’t you like to pour out your rage somewhere? This is why people lash out through their tweets and insta posts.


2. The Struggle For Power:

Game of Thrones isn’t just about castles or dragons or sword fighting. It’s about power. If you liked The Vampire Diaries/ The Lord of The Rings–and were willing to make the effort to enjoy and believe in the fantasy of vampires or the thirst for power to rule the world—you’ll love Game of Thrones, too. It’s about the struggle for the Iron Throne and the seven kingdoms that come with it.


3. The Amazing And Distinctive Personality Of Each Character:

What makes the show so compelling is its characters. The characters in Game of Thrones are so complex and well-designed. No other show makes you love or hate a character more. You can’t name a character that is only good or only bad, there are tons of shades and everyone gets something they can relate to, and everyone loves it.

4. Sex, Nudity and Violence

Game of Thrones is extremely violent! With the unrivalled battled sequences, no other show makes you giddy about seeing a character die. Also, almost every episode features one sex scene or another and most times between characters you do not expect, such as Jon Snow and Queen Daenerys, no one saw that coming! Although you may get a couple of scenes of unnecessary nudity, most of the scenes are to further the plot in some way or another. Another crazy part of #GOT is the way incest is portrayed and accepted.


5. Theme Song, Screenplay, Zombie and Quotes:

Dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun-dun

The theme song!! It’s A-ma-zing! ( I can even it hear it in my head right now and it is giving me goose bumps!!). The show is also filled with stunning, beautiful and startling images. #GOT is also incredibly popular for its catchy quotes like “Winter is Coming, Valar Moghulis- All Men Must Die”. It’s also refreshing to see zombies in a show that tends to portray family and power, we get to not only see just ice zombies but their king.