Written By Mofijejesusewa Samuel

These are some of the discussions I’m looking forward to at the 7th edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive7). The theme for this year’s event is ‘Mobile, Data, Consumers and the Future of Entertainment’ and I’m excited to see how that will segue into the following points of discussion:

How to Maximise Online Media to make Money:
While all of the aforementioned Instagram celebs are no doubt, now stars; it bridges the question ‘how do they translate this into real hard cash?’ The complexes, intrigues and intricacies of how it is possible to turn that online fame into some money is one of the biggest questions in the past year. It is therefore one of the things I really look forward to hearing about at #NECLive7.

How Creating Content is helping to Make Big Stars:

Frank Donga, Josh2Funny, Maraji, Woli Arole and Lasisi Elenu, are just a few names to mention of people that can truly understand what exactly I’m talking about. More recently Tao, the Kabusa Choir, and maybe 7 times more people have started to make waves on the Nigerian social media scene. Seeing as our country is currently proving to be a difficult place, people have a constant need for light entertainment. This is where all the great light entertainment content on social media comes in. The more original and interesting your content is, the more likely it is to trend. It has also proven to be an avenue to get new Nollywood actors and music stars to the entertainment industry. It is therefore important that we talk about this at the conference.

How The Street is taking over the Music Industry:

Zlatan, Slim Case, Mr. Real, and Small Doctor are only but a few to mention that have taken over the music scene. Zlatan even went as far as creating an entire movement of dance called ‘Zanku’. These stars have influenced the music scene with their particular sound. They are not only getting their fans, they are also turning other musicians with different genre to one of their own. The multiple features on songs is all the proof we need that the ‘street ti take over’. However, it is important to discuss how far this particular sound of music can take us and if it is indeed just a trend.

The Slow Decline of Powerful Record Labels:

I could never forget the year we had Kenny ‘Keke’ Ogungbe at NECLive and Kennis Music was still a big thing. I remember the power that Mo Hits had back in the day and I wonder if we could ever have record labels that big again. All we have now are small bodies of labels with DMW and Mavins Records being the biggest and most influential right now. Honestly, I miss the strength of the bigger labels. I miss the fact that we could have cliques of label lovers. And most truthfully, I miss MO’ Hits all stars. We need to have a conversation about going back to the glorious days by doing things the forward thinking way. We need label mergers and bigger players in the industry. I look forward to having that conversation at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference this year.

Secret Relationships:

The most thrilling things that could happen to fans ever is to hear that their two favourite celebrities are getting married. And it seems that more and more Nigerian celebrities are going to keep pulling that stunt on us. Personally, I love the idea of keeping what is private, private and what is yours – yours. From Banky W and Adesua to Adekunle Gold and Simi, it was great to see two very popular and famous people who had successfully been together long enough to decide to get married without attracting too much curiosity to their relationship. In truth, finally finding out about them at the last phase of their relationship, helps give fan some sort of thrills and feels. The question though is: the decision to come out often construed as some sort of publicity stunt? And if it wasn’t, can it eventually be turned
into one? Is that not the whole point? Or isn’t it?

Film Piracy:

Not so long ago, I was walking down the streets of Allen Avenue, when I
saw a CD of ‘Chief Daddy’. A film I know for sure is still on Netflix and definitely not yet on CD. The worse part of it all was as at the point of pricing, the CD was 200 naira. At the Nigerian Entertainment Conference, we have talked for years about piracy, its effect on the industry, the causes, how to monetise and how to curb it. We have proffered solutions and even created programs to its effect and yet the situation persists. Piracy is still high in our country and is robbing Producers the fruit of their labour. This isn’t the time to stop talking about piracy, we need to talk more and act
even more.

How Nigerian Musicians do More Tours/Shows Abroad than They Do in Nigeria:

Typically in countries like the U.S or UK, artists start or end their tours in the country they became big in. They go from state to state and run a proper national tour. This cannot be said to be the same for our Nigerian stars. They do way more shows in other countries and then reserve only one show for us in December when all the ‘I just got back kids’ are back in town. The questions arising now are why is this the case? What are the factors that must be put in place across the country before we can have our own national tours? Is it that the things needed to make these tours successful in Nigeria are unavailable? Or do our music stars just not love the fans enough to do a
national tour for them?

So this is a special invite to you to meet me at Landmark Events Center on Wednesday, 23th of April, 2019 by 9am. See you there.