Game of Thrones fans is the saddest TV fans in television history because the almighty, super amazing GOT has ended.
In commemoration of this, we have a list of those who are clueless and have nothing to live for anymore… Lol. So here are 7 things you can do after GOT.
1. Write your own versions, stories and spin-offs:  We know that you just may be obsessed with GOT, its stories and its characters, so why do you have to let the story die? With this non-GOT-watching, the free time you have just acquired, you can create your own version, write a spin-off or even some fan fiction, you may just surprise yourself with what you come up with!
2. CRY, It’s okay to cry: Trust me, you have nothing to be ashamed of; just let it all out. At the very least, you can be assured that you will not be the only human alive crying for this reason. After all, the greatest TV show in history just ended.
3. Get another TV show to obsess over: Yes, we know you absolutely love GOT but if you try just hard enough, you will find new TV shows that are just as great. After all, there are lots of other great TV shows to watch.
4. Countdown to the #GOT prequel: It is not a completely bad thing that the show is coming to an end. This is because this end is opening the door to a new GOT series, which is the prequel to the GOT we already know and love.
5. Travel to all the locations where the show got filmed: All the rich kids, get in here, this suggestion is definitely for you. So, if you can afford to travel around the world, visit Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, Morrocco and Spain, some of the many locations where the show got filmed.
6 Actually, Make Friends: You see all that time you would rather use to stay home and watch GOT, well, it’s done now, so get up, find some friends and stop being a couch potato. You know yourself and you know that this is definitely a shot at you.
7. Start watching all over from Season 1: We know way too many people who are already set to binge-watch Game of Thrones all over again from season 1 and you can just decide to join them. In case, you are just not ready to say goodbye, finally to Game of Thrones, then this is the time to start over from season 1.
Anyway, here’s to 10 years of amazing film-making, mind-blowing acting, and terrific, intelligent storytelling.