Okay, the rain won’t ever stop, I think I’ve come to terms with that. It rained quite heavily in my yard yesterday evening and as expected, the road wasn’t a pretty sight. Climate change is real and we can only play our parts in lessening the brutal impact on our lives. I’m rooting for us, humans.

The rain can do one, though, ’cause my favourite time of the year is here binsheees! That time of the year that stirs uncontrollable nostalgia, sparks joyfulness and fills me with so much hope on what is possible.

So, in celebration of the best weather known to mankind called Harmattan, I’ve written a wacky love poem that I hope it’d love and see as good reason to never go away again. Amen.

Here goes:


Hey friend

I love you, I do


Nothing is more exciting than your smell

I look forward to it every year

When you bring the snowy smoke the heavens are puffing

It’s when I know we’re in season

It’s always more than enough to brighten the lull

Makes me see beyond the toil

And inspire renewed hope with joy

I love you, I do


You make me time travel to the times I savour

Exhuming cherished memories from my archives

It’s why my tenacity never wavers

And even when you make my skin detest water

Raise dust that cause my nose to quiver

I love you, I do


I can hear you knocking

But the door is wide open

Come in and fill me with your magic

And make the air less tragic

You said your goodbye early the last time

I hope it’s different this time

Accept my heartfelt obeisance

I love you, Harmattan. I do.