Social media, AIs, marketers, data miners/analysts, big corporations and the powers that be — they are out to get you, they want ALL the data, they want to profile your digital presence, they are lying in wait with chocolate bars and delicious features, only to pounce on you with recommendations and suggestions.

I know, I know — everyone’s paranoid mind is moving mad, and with good reason. Don’t worry my G, someone’s watching their moves, someone’s gonna make them pay if they f*ck with your head and privacy, why do you think the GDPR was set up?

But I’m not freezing my ass off in the office AC at 7:30am to debate the morality of their conduct — I want to try to make you understand that you can flip it, that algorithm or AI can be your slave and you the master …exactly as it should be.

It’s gonna be a little work but algorithms and AIs can actually make your work life and personal life better.

You know how you can drop bread crumbs that leads to a trap when you want to kill a rat? — Exactly, that’s the strategy.

Do these and know peace:

Carefully curate the desired people you want to follow on Social Media, that would change and redirect the kind of content you are shown. It’s like telling your lover where to touch you so they keep doing that and everyone’s happy.

If you must go off course in your digital life, use another email for your off-brand searches — that way, the foot prints of your activities can’t be traced back to you.

Take the bull by the horns and visit the Google products back-end, so Gmail, YouTube yada yada — they have all kinds of buttons back there that can let you dictate what you wanna see what you don’t.

ALWAYS clear your caches and cookies — they live among your digital tools and they are the real snitches. You know what the mafia does to snitches? — EXACTLY.