The upcoming emojis just might be some of the coolest yet.

Monday, July 17th was World Emoji Day and to celebrate it, Apple released more than 12 new emojis and we just can’t wait to get a hold of them.

The hijab-wearing woman, which was designed by a teenage muslim-girl, is an answer to the prayers of many muslim women and is one of our favourites.

Meanwhile, the beard gang finally get an emoji that is good enough to describe their perfectly-bearded faces. Congratulations guys!

The ‘vomiting’ emoji is a more expressive version of the ‘sick face’, and it’s perfect for those friends that won’t stop being annoying. You can also use it to let your friends know you’re more than a little ‘strong’.

The breast-feeding mom is another one that was long overdue.

And there’s a Yogi too! How cool is that? When you don’t feel like writing anything but just want to put up a photo of your sexy self doing Yoga, this is perfect.

Not sure why there’s a Zombie emoji, but it’ll come in handy for times when you have overworked yourself so much you feel like a walking Zombie.

The T-Rex finally gets an emoji, yasss! How do you have lions, goats and other animals and leave out the almighty Tyrannosaurus?

An animal kingdom without a Zebra? What were they thinking?! We sure are glad our favourite striped animal will finally be represented.

Now you can express your love in a more dramatic way with the star-struck emoji. Perfect for those who are especially always crushing on celebrities.

We kinda see the ‘exploding head’ becoming a hit, especially with people who spend most of their time working or studying.

Star-struck and Exploding head

The others are the additional ‘crazy’ face, Elf and food items like sandwich and coconut.

They’re all so awesome and we really cannot wait for them to be out.