Earlier in the week, we informed you guys of the Consumer Electronics Show happening in Las Vagas. #CES2019 has been serving us with some of the hottest gadgets on the planet. From smartphones to talking clock, #CES2019 has been a joy to follow.

At this year conference, Uber and Bell Aerospace are taking the taxi to the skies. In 2017, Uber had said that it plans to roll out air vehicles, which will look like a cross between a helicopter and a giant drone, by 2023 and for the first time, Bell and Uber revealed their latest technology to the world.

This is all you need to know about the “Flying Taxi”

  • The taxi will carry four passengers and a pilot up to a range of 241.402 kilometres and be able to travel that distance in just one hour.

Uber next-generation taxi

  • Commercial operations of air taxis to begin in 2023

Uber air bus

  • Nexus will fly more quietly and more efficiently than conventional Helicopters because of its hybrid-electric propulsion system.

Bell Nexus

  • Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles, California will be the first to experience the flying taxi.


  • The Taxi will support conference calling, news broadcasting and document sharing.

Air taxi


This is a wonderful time to be alive and to experience this innovative brilliance. With so many competitors in the automobile space, Uber may just be pulling away from the crowd with this next-generation taxi.