Spotify and Starbucks have recently announced a new partnership. While one might be quick to wonder what Starbucks Coffee house and Spotify the streaming service music giant have in common, It is good to know that the new deal is aimed at promoting Spotify Premium and giving Starbucks customers and employees the control over the music that is played in their local Starbucks.

The Spotify/Starbucks partnership means that coffee breaks will not be the same again. Customers at Starbucks now have a say in the music they listen to as they get to pick the playlist mix from Spotify. It’s no longer coffee as usual, more like good music thrown into the mix. Meanwhile it is not all pain no gain for Starbucks, as it will be branding the Starbucks outlets with its promotional materials along with its supply of Music.

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The partnership is coming at a time when there is a huge competition coming from the likes of Tidal, Apple, Google, but how far will this partnership go in reaching the hearts of the customers and employees of Starbucks while keeping its promise of a new music experience? Time will tell.

Maybe Chocolate Royale, Coldstone, La Mango and other eateries in Nigeria should take a cue from this.