Even though the focus of the digital audience congregation is moving away from .coms and landing pages to microblogs like Instagram and Twitter, multinationals and general e-commerce merchants can’t ignore the ultimate importance of the former to their daily business activity and return on investment.

A good case in point is the e-commerce solution Instagram is trying to provide to its digital merchants, where they could easily tag products with prices and interested buyers can link back to their websites to purchase items they are interested in. 

It is then apparent that if the buying consumer is still being redirected to a landing page, then wouldn’t you want to make the experience as fast and as easy as your resources can allow so you can start properly securing the bag?💰💰💰

Below is an infographic that highlights the important features to look out for when optimizing your website and also how 5 top e-commerce websites have used these features to increase their return on investments massively.

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