A recent industry report has confirmed what we all know but have been reluctant to admit mainly because we have been seduced by the vanity and glamour of Instagram and Snapchat; Facebook is still the King of social media marketing. This is not some idle bant, with whatever yardstick you want to use to measure Facebook, women will lie about this, men will also lie, but numbers won’t.

Okay so let’s look at the data. Don’t worry I won’t bore you with the numbers.

5,700 marketers were surveyed. Participants from industries you won’t even believe, like Real Estate, Insurance, Retail, even Account Services. Marketing/PR/Advertising was just a measly 20%, you would think they’d have the most to say. Wild.

The ages of these participants range between 20 – 70, they got all the millennials and baby boomers.

Anyway, the more industries included, the more representative/valid the data right?.

We move.

According to the sample surveyed, 94% agreed that Facebook is a commonly used social media platform, Instagram follows closely (still owned by Facebook). 88% of new social media marketers focus on Facebook. Nearly all B2C (97%) and B2B (91%) marketers focused on Facebook. 62% of marketers plan on increasing their Facebook organic activities over the next year. 79% of marketers want to learn more about Facebook. 72% marketers reported that they regularly used Facebook ads, a far cry from Instagram ads at 31%.

So guys, even though we all scrunch our nose up and “meh” at the mention of Facebook, data points to the fact that marketers heavily fuck with it.

The most obvious reasons for Facebook’s popularity is the staggering number of users on it, the warp-speed growth rate and also the custom-targeted audience which can be very great for start-ups and established brands if used correctly.