If there is one character you are sure to see too often this season, it’s Father Christmas, sorry Santa Claus. He’s present at all children’s parties in his red and white costume.

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Here are 8 things you should know about African Santa.

  • 1. Abroad they call him Santa Claus but in Nigeria, he is known as Father Christmas. In some places, he’s called Pastor Blessing.


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  • 3. Father Christmas has got no sleigh or any reindeers to fly him around so don’t be surprised if you catch him in daytime flying a bike.


… or a bicycle.


  • 4. In Africa, Father Christmas is more of a corporate mascot.


  • 5. Don’t expect Santa to leave your gifts under a Christmas tree. You’ll have to pay to receive your present at any funfair of your choice.

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  • 6. Father Christmas is no clown. He didn’t come all the way from his house to make you laugh. He was paid to take pictures with you. Any more expectations and you’ll end up in tears.

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  • 7. He may have hips, an overly powdered face, red shirts and red trousers/leggings or he looks nothing like Santa; but as long as he’s dressed in red and he’s got a white beard, he’s Santa, in Nigeria.


  • 8. When times are really hard and there are no gigs to attend, Father Christmas finds a way to make a living.



If you ever find him begging on the streets, don’t judge him. Man must eat.

Merry Christmas in advance!




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