For a long time, there has been a constant tussle for superiority between the Google’s Android and the Apple’s iOS operating systems. While iOS devices might be more expensive than the average Android device, it has been revealed that an iOS device is not exactly the smartest choice for marketing your mobile app.

According to a report from Kenshoo’s App Marketing Summit, the CTR (Click Through Rate) on Facebook mobile app ads powered by Android is higher than those on iOS. Also marketers must pay nearly double for iOS app ads than for Android apps.

As though that isn’t enough, NN4M has reported that between November 2014 and December 2015, there was a 40% increase in all mobile app transactions, but apps on Android devices enjoyed a 250% sales increase, while apps on iOS devices enjoyed only a 37% increase.

Not only that, while comparing app sales between the years 2013 and 2014, NN4M found that in 2014, apps on Android showed the strongest growth, with a 206% increase in like-for-like sales, while apps on iPhone grew by 67% and apps on iPad by 58%.

This trend may not be reversed anytime soon as recent forecast by Marin Software, has shown that advertisers will spend more on mobile than desktop ads by the end of 2015, judging from recent statistics.



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