I was at the Google Partners Nigeria official launch in Lagos yesterday with my colleague, Ehima Prince, our in-house UI/UX genius. We ate a lot of finger foods, drank (non-alcoholic 🙄) cocktails and mingled with like-minds from other agencies.

To get the scoop on what the Google Partners platform is all about, check here.

There were some speakers, therefore there was some lessons to take away from the event. However, some important lessons stood out and was begging to be shared. Haha.

Through research, a speaker was able to discover some of the 3 things that communicators should pay the utmost attention to when using digital platforms.

  •  Make people feel something
    • Emotions are more powerful than logic
    • Emotional content generates more impact
    • Emotional content is more likely to go viral
    • Emotional content drives more short term sales as well as long-term equity.









  • Integration strategies are not easy but are often better
    • Integration of offline and online communication tactics improves ROI
    • Here’s a holistic and fun infographic on how to integrate you marketing tactics. Courtesy of Gareth Case.

  • It’s not only about the clicks, it’s about the impression youR make.
    • Analysis shows that only 0.3% of users interact with online banner ads.
    • Bad creatives are one of the main causes of the user’s less interaction with ads.
    • Clicks don’t mean impact.
    • Non-clicks doesn’t mean no impact.