See how fast your thirsty self hopped on this!

We Nigerians looove gist so much that it’s almost in our DNA.

You can’t blame us for loving information so much though. We’ve had it going on for many years.

Back in the day, the way information traveled among us was through the King’s Town Crier.

The dude picks up his bell, gong or whatever and rings it throughout the village while sharing the news he has from the King.

Then the villagers especially, the amebos, spread it all over.

Fast forward to the new age, with the help of technology, all this evolved into a more peng way of sharing information.

We now have social media channels and technological tools to share anything we find “newsworthy”, downright to our meals!

Technology has given us the power even the town crier didn’t have back then.

We choose the information we want to act on and share. We share information because we simply can.

In fact, we can make up some stuff from the comfort of our homes and share with hundreds of people and have the world running around like headless chickens in no time.
But that’s the wrong way to do it.

Remember when they predicted the world was ending in 2000? Some people legit sold their properties and were waiting for doomsday. It never happened.

Where am I going with this? It’s simple – STOP sharing fake news.

I think people mostly make up fake news for the thrill of having it go viral. That’s just lame in my opinion.

If you’re bored, get a hobby.

You KNOW the information is not real, but think about all those clueless people you’ll be putting in harm’s way before sharing.

They don’t know any better. They don’t know about all those verification platforms like,, or even

Even if you didn’t make up the story, don’t share any news you haven’t checked.

‘Let’s be guided’. Share love and not fake news.