For many of us, our digital habits are the source of many Productivity/Psychological problems. Even when the source of the problem is obvious, it can be extremely difficult to fight against because digital products, such as social media, have been implanted to be as addictive as cocaine.

Self-control is simply not enough— self-control can’t be enough, imagine fighting a  technology that has been designed to keep your brain craving more. Crazy right.  The first step to defeating digital addiction is awareness and understanding. By acknowledging your addiction, you’re recognizing your brain’s reflexes at work and are able to better separate the habit from your own identity.


Since giving up technology altogether is unrealistic and unattainable. It’s time to stop blaming yourself and fight fire with fire. So what can we do?

Internet-blocking apps like Freedom can help you block distracting apps and sites across all devices- Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android for a set period of time. Freedom can also let you schedule recurring blocks to help you save time every day for the things that matter most.

With the latest whitelisting feature, Block All and Block All  Except you can choose to block out the whole web when you want to. The internet and social media offer many benefits, but can also be an addiction if you don’t take charge.