Whatsapp Business has made it possible for many marketers to stop using their personal phone numbers to communicate to customers. Yes!!! Whatsapp business is that cool! However Facebook has given businesses the opportunity to send traffic ads to its social media platform users. So when customers click on the “Send Message” button on Facebook, their Whatsapp app opens and they will be able to communicate with businesses directly.

As a marketer you need to use this new feature effectively. These are a few tips on what to do.


Set up a Whatsapp Business account:

Download the application and follow the prompts.



Fill out a profile for your business:

Add your business location, URL, email address, category and description. Don’t forget to tap “Save” at the top of your profile.


Set up automated responses:

Go to your business settings, click on “quick replies” and add a simple and engaging automated reply to all messages sent to your account.


Create labels:

Anyone may choose to organise their accounts with labels. What to do? Simple! Go to the option icon on your screen. Tap on the labels and add any you wish. You can also create your own labels by clicking on the “+” icon.


Create a Facebook Boost post:

This is the easiest part. Whenever you boost a post on your Facebook page, you have the opportunity to add a button for Whatsapp messages. That way, prospective customers will be able to chat with you directly on Whatsapp Business.