The Instagram algorithm is actually wild right now because literally no one will see your posts if they don’t interact with you often. So, except if people have their post notifications on for your account, Instagram won’t show most people your posts.

Anyone that runs a business account on Instagram knows there is a weekly ‘report’ that is displayed on their profile that tells them how many people visited their profile. This number actually goes way up if there is increased activities on your Instagram stories that week, you can go ahead and test it out. Basically, the effective use of Instagram stories is the cheat code for the Instagram algorithm. 

So, how can you start utilizing this feature, or if you’ve already started using it, how can you make it better?

Fortunately for you, our friends at 99Firms did an in-depth case study on over 30 brands that have used Instagram stories to increase the visibility of their brands whilst also making significant amount of sales.