Just about a year after it first launched in 2016, Instagram stories is quickly becoming more relevant than its much older competitor, Snapchat. This comes as no surprise at all, especially as the number of Instagram users grew to an astonishing 700 million monthly users recently. In a recently revealed data, Instagram stories is estimated to having about 250 million daily users, while Snapchat follows at a disappointing 166m.

Here are a few things we think might be responsible for Instagram Stories’ success over Snapchat

Larger audience

Snapchat’s user-count is yet to meet up with Instagram’s (Photo: Techcrunch.com) 

Instagram already had a good number of users way before it launched the ‘stories’ feature, which means that it didn’t need to struggle to build a user base as already-existing users are the same people that make use of the Stories. Out of its 700 million monthly users, 250 use the Stories feature daily, compared to Snapchat which has only about 255 million monthly and 166 daily users.

Difficult to find people on Snapchat

Snapchat’s search feature does not allow users to find people easily, unlike Instagram, which has a discover page that suggests people, based on followers and likes. Brands and influencers want to be seen easily, but Snapchat hardly lets that happen, making it easier for Instagram to be the first choice of these influencers who want to easily be noticed without having to go through a special process, the way Snapchat’s discover page functions.


With Instagram, it’s easy to determine how many followers a user has

Advertisers and marketers want to know how many followers an influencer has so they can know how viral their posts would go. Instagram clearly states how many people are following an account, while Snapchat on the other hand only lets account owners see this. If a user has 2 million users, it’s easy to estimate that they would get a good number of views.

Instagram stories is easier to use

It is not news that Snapchat is not the easiest platform to use, especially for first-time users. The owners of Instagram made sure that same mistake was not made from the start by ensuring that the Stories is easily usable by anyone who is already used to the platform.
Another advantage Instagram has here is that it allows users tag people in their stories, making it easier to click on and follow a page. Also, Instagram allows people attach links to their bio while Snapchat does not.

Instagram’s ownership

Instagram is owned by one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the world, Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook, the largest Social platform right now. The continuous growth of Facebook over the years goes a long way to prove that Zuckerberg sure does know his onions when it comes to building and growing a platform.

Instagram Stories is continuously rolling out new features

The latest update made to Instagram stories is the celebration stickers

This is probably due to the fact that it is owned by the founder of Facebook, a majorly successful Social media platform, which has thousands of developers that work round the clock to ensure that both platforms stay up to date. Since its introduction last year, Instagram stories has continued to introduce new features, the latest being celebration stickers to mark its first year anniversary.

While Snapchat has its many awesome features, like the filters, which Instagram is yet to outdo, it might only be a matter of time before people give it up completely if certain improvements are not made.