At IDA, we’re always aiming to take our work to the next level. Not just by pleasing our clients, but doing actual great work. With that kind of self-imposed standard, comes a lot of pressure. With only 26 days of leave in a year, 21 annual leave days and 5 casual leave days we take resting just as serious as working. 

Well, a bunch of guys just took some time off work and they couldn’t resist going the extra mile with their out-of-office emails.

Naturally, when a person takes a break from work, other people have to stand in for them and carry their share of the work. Imagine this scenario, you send an urgent email to clarify some details with a colleague on vacation, you receive their immediate response mail, you excitedly open it and see this. Wow, Sharon. 

Sharon apparently thinks going on leave is a gangster move. 

Prince, our Product Designer and defending FIFA 20 Champion went out of this world, literally, to write an out of office mail. We stan an over the top King! Check it out. 

I have only one question for Prince, for how long will you defy the laws of gravity? Oxygen runs out in space o. We wish you safe landings bro.

Do not be alarmed by Prince’s dramatics, we are used to him around here. 

We definitely want our colleagues to enjoy their break, as Account Manager, Timi is obviously prepared to. We hope he gets as much sand and sun as he likes.

Anyway, the rest of us here are working hard to keep IDA running, through the festive season and the office will definitely still be here, work and all waiting for you to return from your vacation. 

To those still on leave, enjoy the break, you’ll soon be back, and those of us still here, who are keeping the machine running, I salute you, comrades!