A lot of people have made social media a part of their daily lives. It is a place to connect with family and friends, promote your business, source information and generally keep up with what is going on around the world. Yes, there are many problems associated with social media, and we hear a lot about them. Some even say social media has made it easier to live a lonely life.


So, according to this article, social media can actually speed up the healing process. The author believes that “people who are prayed for do heal faster“. He went on to say that “when a lot of people are pulling for you, it creates an energy and strength that you can tap into and help yourself get better“. But how true is this statement?

We live in a world where people project a different view of themselves on social media. Social media has been fingered as the main reason why people live “Fake Lives“. So tell me, how am I sure that the “Get well soon” message is genuine. The suspicious nature of social media has made everyone a suspect.

This is what I think.  Social media is perfect for building your business, keeping touch with friends and loved once, bants, keeping up with the things of the world, etc. In terms of healing, social media can only be an avenue to contribute to the emotional wellbeing of others by offering positive advice.

The world is complex and people are fighting different demons, I strongly believe that for our emotional welfare, we should express empathy to loved ones in person or through phone calls. The very good Dr Goldsmith made his case, but I don’t subscribe to it.