We are accustomed to the static text and visual Ads that flash across our internet pages and newspapers, the jingles that play on radio and the flashing light ads on roadside billboards. Yet, many are not moved by them.

However, the ingenuity of technology has afforded advertising the opportunity of a brilliant new approach on mobile – using the 3D perspective.

3D mobile advertising intends to recreate reality for the viewer and make them feel like they are in their smartphones.

Although still at the experimental stage, these types of ads are considered the future of advertising as virtual reality is gradually becoming a huge topic in the world.

Mazda’s ad team tested an online 3D ad with its 2015 Mazda3. The ad makes it look like the Madza3 car is suspended in the air on the web.

Ford’s Feel the Rush Campaign for its 2014 F-150 truck is another 3D ad that allows the audience view the truck in 360 degrees and also permits the audience to change the colour of the car.

This new advertising technology will definitely increase the amount of clicks on online ads. Webmasters, get ready.