Guess who finally grew some balls in this episode of MTV Shuga Naija? Oops, the headline already gave that away. Yeah, it’s Tobi. For once in a very long time, the lead character played by Timini Egbuson is taking a stand you will be proud of. But what is it, and what does it cost him?

The episode also sees our boy, Khalil, get a nod of approval from a very popular music exec.

Faa’s struggle to clean up her image in the eyes of the public and get the justice she deserves might be meeting more gridlock, but fortune also seem to be smiling at her via her mystery Angel.

Ebisinde is back in school, Frances has to fend off bullies and deal with the aftermath of her rape, Wasiu is still spreading ridiculous misinformation, Barbie just found out a very important fact about her boyfriend.

Watch the very intense episode below.