What made you love your Nokia phones before Apple’s iPhone came and kicked them in the behind? For most folks, it was the durability. That world famous ‘ojabo kofo’, unbreakable body and the never-boring snake game that came with the Nokia 1110 and others.

Those were the glory days. Before it sold its mobile business to Microsoft in 2014 for $7.2bn, and the eventual ‘death’.

However, Nokia the technology company is still alive and kicking. Maybe even better that before.

nokia ozo id africa

(Photos by Thomas Hobbs on 18 Mar 2016)


The Finnish firm is making a hardware comeback—with a $60,000 virtual-reality camera called OZO.

The camera is the brainchild of Ramzi Haidamus, a Dolby Laboratories veteran whom Nokia hired to be president of its technology division in July 2014, just after it got out of the cellphone business.

Nokia Technology is confident that the device which has eight coordinated cameras to fully capture 3D for replay on VR headsets, can be a great comeback for the Nokia brand and become a big hit with advertisers.

Nokia is already trying out ad creation through the OZO via tests with McDonalds and American Airlines. The device is aimed squarely at professional filmmakers rather than consumers.

nokia ozo demo id africa

Source: Nokia

Nokia believes VR will be the channel of the future. Seeing as tech giants such as Samsung, Facebook and other mobile device makers are all beginning to incorporate VR.

Only time will tell how successful OZO or Nokia’s venture into VR will be. However, it’ll be wise not to bet against the capacity of the iconic Finnish brand to rule the world, yet again.