Tell me, when was the last time you really enjoyed Christmas? If I asked you for your favourite Christmas memory, I can bet my BDA that it would be a childhood memory. Christmas used to be such a mood. What happened to Christmas?

Is it global warming? Lol, I say this because harmattan was a part of what made Christmas, Christmas. The unbearable cold in the morning, the patched lips and dry skin, that’s when you really felt Christmas. What with the ice caps melting, Amazon burning and rains till December, harmattan is not really guaranteed any more. When was the last time there was a decent harmattan? And that Christmas smell! You know the one, it’s been December for a minute, have you smelt it? No? Yeah, that’s Global warming. 

Then they banned bangers? I mean, is it really Christmas if you can’t throw fireworks? This is just a systemic way to ruin Christmas for everyone and rob us of some of our best childhood memories. 

Christmas has changed. I don’t know if it has been stolen, but it has definitely changed. Could it be disillusionment? That childlike wonder, excitement and faith in something has definitely waned, maybe not died, but waned. Now we know life is not all rainbows and sunshine. It is responsibilities, expenses,  deadlines, clients, bosses, KPIs, working through Christmas. That’s your life now. 

The fact that Christmas is yours to do what you want with it, is definitely part of why it has lost some of its magic. Adulting hit Christmas hard! Now you have to spend your own money to make your own Christmas memories. Worse if you have to “do” Christmas for your dependents. Now Christmas is just a time to spend more of your own money. It’s a lot. 

Christmas has always been what was made of it. Our parents made our Christmas growing up what it was. Now, it’s on us to make it what we want. No matter how difficult or stressful life is turning out to be, Christmas should remain special. It’s a season of hope and miracles and we need some of that to go through life. 


Merry Christmas guys!