Okay so guysssss!

We already knowwww that B2K announced a #MillenniumTour, but in case you didn’t know, they WILL be touring 25 cities in the USA between March and April with Chingy, the Ying Yang twins, Lloyd and Mario.

Twitter has been going apesh*t (of course), because the last time they were on tour, we were kids/teenagers.

Just look at.

In fact, this n*gga putting out disclaimers.

Also, her.

I mean, we are all excited to see them back together, on tour, triggering all the 90s nostalgia and possibly even intense teenage crushes… e.g these Aunties hehe.

Some already got their outfits planned.

Others are practicing dance moves

While this N*gga just wanna pull up on Shawties, 90s style haha.

Lmao okay this group just got bare jokessss.

As if we’ve not had enough of the B2K nostalgia, they are about to choke us with enjoyment this 2019 ’cause ‘You Got Served 2’ is dropping soooooon.

Nahhhhh, bruhhhh, I’m gassed and I can’t WAIT!