Last week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made a major announcement. He unveiled the first ever digital sports jersey prototype that changes players’ names and numbers with the push of a smartphone button. For LeBron James lovers like me who can’t decide whether we want to wear our loyalty in the form of a Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavalier, or Los Angeles Lakers jersey, the digital jersey will help eliminate our confusion. Isn’t that cool?

The jersey was introduced by Adam Silver at the 20th Annual All-Star Technology Summit in Charlotte, N.C. last week. Theoretically, NBA fans will have to buy just one jersey in the future.

So you can get started on this next innovation, this is how it works.

With an app on a phone, you’ll be able to change the number and name on the back of a jersey. This means that fans can change from a James Harden model to a Stephen Curry model to a Michael Jordan model. You can be whoever you want to be. Awesome, right?

NBA ain’t done with us yet.

Also at the top of the NBA list, Facebook has expanded its relationship with the association in a new deal that brings games highlights to Facebook Watch. I guess Mark Z is a huge NBA fan. In its bid to bring more sports content to Watch, Facebook made a deal with the NBA to broadcast highlights from all NBA games, including WNBA, G League, and NBA 2K League. Facebook will also broadcast preseason, postseason, and Summer League games as well.

According to the Facebook North America Sports Programming Lead, Devi Mahadevia, “The NBA boasts of one of the most vibrant sports communities on our platform. By delivering these game recaps and hosting a weekly Watch Party, the league will be able to engage with fans around the world in new and exciting ways.” With this deal, we will all be able to catch up with all match day highlights on Facebook. Hopefully, this can be replicated in Nigeria with football sometime soon.