“BMW’s Personal Assistant gets to know you over time with each of your voice commands and by using your car” …this statement was made at Disrupt SF by BMW’s Vice President, Digital Product and Service, Dieter May.

On Friday 6th of September, 2018, BMW launched an AI, who is a personal voice assistant for it’s cars. The announcement was made at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018.

The personal voice assistant will be able to maintain casual conversations… lol imagine driving home from work and having discussions on the meaning of life with your car.


The new digital technology is expected to provide information on pressing issues such as the tire pressure, oil level and other engine settings.

BMW car assistant

The voice assistant is expected to learn and then become proactive over time. Another benefit of this digital tool is that, drivers will be able to use the personal voice assistant to learn more about the car.

The new voice assistant is expected to into the market by March 2019.