If there is anything we Nigerians know how to do, it’s how to use enjoyment to kill ourselves — even when the economy is taking a nose dive and there is barely anyway to stretch our income till the end of the month, we will still turn up.

The colossal foot traffic that’s been trudging the grounds at Landmark, Eko Convention Center and Eko Atlantic is a testament to the love Nigerians have for music and enjoyment.

Three (obvious) artistes dominated Google’s Year in Search Report for 2018, with songs from two other artistes that made monstrous waves this year.

What Nigerian music search list won’t have Wizkid, Davido and Olamide? PLUS Burna Boy and Kizz Daniel?

Is that one even a legit list?

Anywayyyyyy, since I’ve already given you spoilers, let’s see which of their songs Nigerians were Googling this year.

Topping Google’s most searched songs list in Nigeria for 2018 is Wizkid’s ‘Fever’ …which is a massive feat considering it was released barely 2 months ago, as at the time of this publication, the video has racked up 14,469,542 views and 15,341 comments on Youtube.


Chiiooomaaaaaaaaa! Hay God love is sweet o, because DaVido sang plenty songs this year but it’s ‘Assurance’ that came in at number 2, relegating all his other releases to other positions. So far, the video on Youtube has an impressive 31,637,942 views and 8,346 comments.


Despite beer parlour arguments about how Olamide’s career is looking gloomy, Olamide’s ‘Science Student’ came in at number 3 on this list. The NBC tagged it unfit to broadcast’  earlier this year, but armed with digital freedom it’s hard these days to decide what anyone chooses to listen to. On Youtube, the video wasn’t badly received as well, so far it has 10,983,997 views and 4,155 comments.


Olamide actually gbana this year, because he just lowkey dropped all these songs and they caught on like wild fire. ‘Motigbana’ made it to Google’s list this year.  The video has garnered 12,129,255 views and 2,624 comments on Youtube.


Davido’s ‘Nwa Baby’ is Google’s number 5 most searched song in Nigeria… Youtube views 4,450,743 and 3,843 comments.


Other faves that came in at number 6 – 10 are;

6 ‘One Ticket’ (Kiss Daniel ft Davido) — Youtube views 7,981,486 and 3,877 comments.

7 ‘Gbona’ (Burna Boy) — Youtube views  6,526,303 and 2,524 comments.

8 ‘Manya’ (Wizkid) — Youtube views  7,228,110 and 1,549 comments.

9 ‘Soco’ (Wizkid) — Youtube views 33,243,155 views and 6,438 comments.

10 ‘Fia’ (Davido) —  Youtube views 56,872,626 and 10,807 comments.


To be fair, even though DaVido’s ‘Fia’ was the last on this list, the numbers show that it had the most views and it was actually FIA hehe.