True, we’ve only seen just 52 days in 2019, but I can confidently say this past week has been one of the busiest so far this year.

Everyone at IDA has been working hard, preparing for our 4th anniversary celebrations kicking off next week. I’m especially delighted because of some exciting news and announcements we’ll be making on Wednesday, February 27th.

Shouts out to Prince and Dare who’ve been crafting creatives that’ll help us tell our story, and I’m hoping that they’ll perform their usual miracle, to help us meet the impossible deadlines. If anyone can do it, these 2 magicians can. Godspeed.

We’ve also been working on some interesting project that we’ll soon share with the world. This one has been a personal dream of mine that is finally taking shape after so many years of just talking and dreaming about it. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more about this project for now, but I can assure you that it’s going to shake things up. Literally.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with anniversaries, celebrations and events directly involving me. Not just because I’m a shy guy. You see, the stress of planning and preparing and organising and worrying ahead of a ‘D-day’ makes everything less fun than it ought to be.

I always feel it’s unfair that I’ll endure pain, just so some ‘well wishers’ get to have fun at MY expense. Makes no sense to me. My style is: leave me in peace, and I’ll thank you for not bothering me.

Maybe that’s why I stylishly hide away on my birthday and don’t want to be fussed over when celebrating anything.
I mean, what do you do with yourself while folks gather round and singing “Happy birthdaaaaay to you Fe-miiiiiiii…”?

But since it’s IDA’s birthday and not mine, I guess we’ve just got to do what we’ve got to do. Moreover, IDA is this wild, crazy, extroverted, 20-something year old, brilliant, professional girl, (think 25 year-old Rihanna, living in Lagos, working in marketing comms), so you know she’s going to be all turnt up!

Anyways, as Team Cheerleader at IDA, I really can’t escape this one, as it has been for the past 3 years. So, we will be celebrating next week, loudly and proudly too! And we will be sharing some of the fun we’re having, work we’re doing and plans we’re making with you. So, do stay tuned.

By the way, Oluchi forced me to write this, and I think I’ve tried for her.
Heading back to work now. You’ll hear from me again mid next week.


This was originally published in The Bang! IDA’s weekly newsletter.