Google just released a new app in the upcoming ninth major version of Android’s operating system, Android P that would pry everyone away from YouTube apps and smartphones.

So if you’ve been getting remarks from family members that you no longer spend enough time with them because of your mobile devices or YouTube, this is for you.

These are five things this app would have.


A timer that would tell one straight up “times up, get off your phone now”.

Before you exceed a time limit, it would send an alert message telling you that you need to stay away from your phone for a while.


A dashboard that tells you how much time you’ve spent on your phone for all you guilty bandits.
Users will see a dashboard that says which app they use the most, how many times they’ve unlocked their devices, the number of notifications received and how long they’ve been on their phones.


A reminder for anyone to “take a break” off YouTube
The new app would send a daily “notification digest” to its users on YouTube to take a break. Also it would let them know exactly how much time they’ve spent on the video sharing app.


A “Do Not Disturb” mode that would stop folks from calling at night

When its snooze time, folks would be able to stop notifications from messages, calls and apps using the “Shush” feature in the new Google app. So if you want to enjoy your beauty sleep, you can turn your phone screen down on a flat surface and the feature will start working immediately. But calls from starred numbers may still wake you with audio ringtones.


A “Wind Down” feature to ensure the screen is less stimulating for bed time
It seems they have the power to reduce squinting at a device at night too. This feature would help users change their phone display colours to grayscale so its less stimulating to the eye.

Google is not the only company interested in making the social environment mentally healthy for its users, Facebook has started restructuring what people see on their timelines. So now, you would get more posts from people you know and less articles and posts from businesses and brands.

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