Apart from music and going for concerts that the artists won’t climb on stage till everyone is howling, another type of content that the typical Nigerian loooovveeess is movies; especially if it’s local characters or scenes that fully represents the mundane elements in our environment.

You really just need to scroll through Yungnollywood’s timeline, and also the numerous Odunlade and Jide Kosoko memes that’s been a major staple for social media users.

Although this energy wasn’t represented in Google’s Year in Search for 2018, the major players were janded movies, and two locally produced movies barely made it on the list.

We’ll get to that now, so yeah, enjoy.


Can’t even lie, Black Panther f*cking slappppeeedd. If it wasn’t number one mehn then I gotta fight somebody hehe. It’s also not so hard to figure out why it’d be topping the Google charts in Nigeria because apart from the fact that it was a good movie, a lot of Nigerian elements were infused into the plot, costume and location. Apart from breaking that $1 billion ceiling for a purely African themed movie, it is also the most tweeted movie ever, that’s 35 million tweets as at last count.


Okay Avengers: Infinity War was another movie everyone and their mamas will not shut up about. To this day, friends and coworkers have lowkey had it out for each other because of the numerous arguments that erupted over the damn movie haha. Also, it grossed $2 billion, so clearly nobody was dragging this popularity thing with Thanos. Unfortunately for the Avengers though, Nigerians were more interested in Black Panther in 2018 and that’s why their own movie is coming in at number 2.


Can’t even lie when I saw Acrimony on the list I screamed internally, because listen everyone became both butchers and scientists, dissecting and analysing this f*cking movie. Tyler Perry didn’t rise up from dust to a respected film maker if he wasn’t capable of triggering the inner Psychologists in all y’all n*ggas… everyone was on YouTube dropping their own two cents.


Venom was officially released into the Nigerian movie scene in October, I haven’t seen it personally, but I can remember the anticipation for it was carnal hahaha. The movie didn’t do badly in the box office though, I mean, it didn’t reach the heights of Wakanda and Thanos  but with over $600 million in profit and coming in at number 4 on Google’s Nigerian most searched movie list, it’s not bad at all.


Don’t very much care for Deadpool 2 and I’m not gonna let my bias hide lol. This is me being unapologetic-ally selfish… but yeah it was talked about, it DID make it to number 5 so people must have been excited about it.

Okay so like I said earlier, two locally produced movies made it to Google’s Year in Search for Movies in Nigeria.

King of Boys was actually number 6 on the list… shout out to Kemi Adetiba!

Also Wedding Party 2!


Okay, that’s all for now, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.