These past 4 weeks have been quite weird.

I’ve spent time struggling with malaria, flu, and just a general tiredness that comes from stress, over-work and living life in Lagos and Nigeria.

This period truly humbled me and got me to be more introspective. I learned to be a little bit more selfish about things; focusing on family and self-care over and above any other matter. And most importantly, I learned to stop feeling like some Marvel Superhero. I mean, even The almighty Avengers got their asses kicked by Thanos and had to take a chill pill and regroup.

So, I did get my ass kicked by life. But one is really grateful for the lessons learned.

The experience during this period inspired a few lazy poems:

On Being Healthy and Dealing With Stress

When days rebel,

Throwing toddler-sized tantrums

And nights conspire

To beat you up like Fuji band drums

You realize ‘health is wealth’

And Life’s a cage fight from which you can’t run

So, it’s okay to miss calls,

Ignore emails and tell them you can’t come!

On Living In Lagos and Surviving Nigeria

Life in Lagos mirrors a mount-climb

Treacherous ascent into the blazing sun

Every step taken is near-death

Every inch gained is like lottery won


Living in Nigeria for many is an extreme sport

Every player’s goal is to obtain that second passport

The Nigerian Dream is realized upon relocation

So, the rich and poor all plot their escape from the nation


Escape abusers, robbers and everyday kidnappings,

Escape Police aiding a sitting senator in a woman’s beatings,

Escape the flooded potholes that swallow dreams whole,

Escape bad leaders and a heated society waiting to implode!


[Dedicated to all Escapees and prospective Escapees of the Federal Republic of Nigeria]

Surviving Lagos