If you’re an ardent Twitter user and you’re still waiting on the social app’s team to include an ‘edit’ option to correct typos, you’ll have to wait a while longer (if at all that is going to happen). Instead of providing an edit option, the product managers are set to make life on the app easier with a new feature which will allow users to follow interests; thereby making them (users) see tweets about topics of choice on their timeline.

The feature, as soon as it goes live, will allow users follow topics including sports teams, celebrities, and television shows, with a selection of tweets about them inserted alongside tweets in their home feed.

In this new feature, you’ll also be able to mute topics, even though the company says it does not plan to create topics for everything users might be interested in.

I think this feature will allow users enjoy a good experience on the app, as it will be easier to filter the type of content we see on our timeline – especially in these trying times of ‘O jewa ke eng’ and ‘Sco pa tu-whatever’.

The company said days ago that topics will be curated by Twitter, with individual tweets being identified through machine learning rather than editorial curation. According to a Twitter product manager, Rob Bishop, the new feature is now being tested on Android.

Other plans the product managers are working on (except for an edit option, of course) include searchable direct messages, the ability to re-order the photos in a tweet after you have attached them to a new post, and plans to add support for Apple’s Live Photos.

So, if you’re like me and you hate to see those silly hot takes on Twitter, this new feature is a welcome development as it’ll will help old and new users to easily find the best content on the app even if they don’t know the right accounts to follow.

Goodbye O jewa ke-se soke, goodbye Sco pa tu-mannequin.