Twitter has always been the den of some of the coolest peeps on the planet, where are we even gonna start from?

Is it the platform’s ability to make people express themselves with funny tweets and memes that could go viral in seconds or the fact that it is a suitable platform to make people air their grievances about a particular thing they don’t like and call for a change, either ways Twitter is a place to get heard.

Little wonder why some OGs call it The Official Youth Assembly Forum (OYAF).

With the proper tweet, and retweets from the right people, you could call the attention of the world to a particular thing in minutes. It has also turned to a dating site and the love garden  from which many flowers of dating and marriage has  blossomed from.

It has always been a place to hook up with the opposite sex if you’re smooth, savvy and got game but has always been threatened by the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, but in recent times Twitter has climbed to the top of the ladder again.

Peep the convo below for proof.