‘Uber’ was trending all over Twitter Nigeria today. Upon investigation, I found out why exactly and I must say I wasn’t very impressed.

An innocent user had jejeli tweeted her thoughts, declaring how she preferred the comfort of Uber Taxis to public transportation when the entire Twitter came for her head.

While some called her daft for implying that Uber was anything but Public transportation…

Some supported her, calling her opposers illiterates for getting mad over something they knew nothing about.

The rest came with proof, providing materials to support their argument(whether for or against), and at the same time, educate the blockheads.

In the end, there was no conclusion nor education, instead everyone kinda agreed to disagree.

While we’re awaiting the founder of Uber to come and tell us whether Uber is a public or private way of moving from place to place, let us vote here.

Is Uber a public or private means of transportation?

Vote below.