On Saturday, 6th of October 2018, photo and video sharing social networking service, Instagram marked its 8 years of existence.  Since its inceptions, Instagram has grown from strength to strength amassing over 5 million users in Nigeria. You will agree with me that Instagram has disrupted the world order( pun intended) creating businesses, careers and connecting people with accuracy and precision. Instagram has influenced our behaviour much that users spend 53 minutes per day, on average in the photo-sharing app. In this post, we’ll examine ways Instagram has changed our lives.


  1. It’s created social brands:

social brands

Instagram has helped companies bypass traditional advertising which is more expensive and less precise. Most companies invest heavily in the platform because of its reach and also penetration. In Nigeria, Instagram has been used to launch businesses, build clients and also sell your products directly to those who need them. With Instagram, everyone in Nigeria is a potential entrepreneur, which is a good thing, housewives can now sell their handmade hats, undergraduates can make extra cash by advertising their paintings and so on.

2.  Created a new breed of Influencers:


Instagram has given rise to a new breed of Influencers. Prior to 2010, bloggers were the go-to guys on social, with the likes of Linda finding fame and fortune. However, Instagram has sparked a new wave of socially savvy individuals, who commands enormous followership.

3.  It has mobilized Activism: 
Davido and his uncle

With an emphasis on all things visual and access to millions, Instagram has also helped bring worthy causes to the limelight. Imagery is a very powerful tool and many activities and social crusaders use Instagram as a story-telling tool to spread their message far and wide. It also gives influential individuals direct access to their followers to deliver undiluted messages of support- Davido’s aggressive campaign for this Uncle.

4. Changed the way we travel:

Social brand

Instagram is a treasure hub for travel inspiration. Within the palm of our hand, we can see pictures of the beautiful and iconic spots from around the world. Whether it’s using the app to research the best location to explore, or choosing a particular spot because we want to recreate a picture perfect post, ‘Insta-tourism’ is having an impact. In 2016, China opened the world’s highest and longest glass bottom bridge. It had to be closed just thirteen days later after thousands of tourists flocked to get their shot.

Instagram is huge, and it can only get bigger.

UPDATE: Instagram and social media, in general, have changed our lives so much. Did you know that the average person spends almost 7 years or more of their lives on social media? Find out more here.