Messaging app, Viber, has joined a league of platforms who have copied Snapchat in a bid to improve and make messaging more enjoyable for their users. The ‘secret chats’ feature, which was announced earlier today, was already being used in apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many others. It will enable users to set a timer for the messages they send, after which they will self-destruct.

The messages will self-destruct after a while

In addition, iOS users will get alerted when friends take screenshots of messages sent to them, while android users will not be allowed to take screenshots at all. The secret messages cannot be sent to third parties.

To send a self-destructing message, users can either upload a photo or video from pre-existing ones on their phones or simply use the vibe camera. A timer can also be set to determine how long the video will last before it self-destructs.