Getting more women in technology is something the entire world is trying to help make possible now that equality among the sexes has become paramount. To celebrate the great strides that women have made in the technology space, we have come up with 5 great Nigerian women in the tech space who by sheer will and grit have become a household name in the technology landscape in Nigeria.

These are our women crush Wednesday for this week.

1. Odun Eweniyi:

Being the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of PiggyVest and founder of Push CV, Odun Eweniyi is topping this list as she has broken many barriers women in the technology space in Nigeria face. She is also the Chapter Lead for the Nigerian chapter of Women in Tech Africa and has shown great commitment to helping other young women in the Nigeria tech space grow.

2. Juliet Ehimuan:


She is the Director, West Africa for Google who moved from being just an amazon in the tech space to leading the business part of the technology space. She has set her mind to helping other women become greater in the technology space by encouraging Google to set up a dedicated programme for female developers – Women Techmakers.

3. Ada Nduka Oyom:


She is a women-in-tech enthusiast who always wants to prove that girls can do what boys are doing in the tech industry. This led to her to start She Code Africa, a non-profit organization that was created to empower African women in technology. Somehow she combines her role as the founder of ‘She Code Africa’ with being the Developer Relations Lead at Interswitch Group.

4. Desiree Craig:


Desiree has taken her incredible coding skills from just that to be the Technology Product Manager at Andela. For years, it has always been her goal to get other women the opportunities that she has had because of her work in tech which is why she works with Technovation, an initiative set up to offer girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders.

5. Fade Ogunro:


She is the weirdest mix in this bunch considering that she started as a media personality. She created Bookings Africa to solve the problem of freelance creatives struggling to find bookings and jobs. She doesn’t want to just affect the life of only women in Africa but all youths by encouraging creativity in them.