Yes yes yes, this is another end of the year post, but the best one yet lol because for travel buffs, it shows where everyone’s head is at globally… it’s like, is it just me or does Kenya look lit af? orrrrr where was  everyone dreaming of going to this year?

If you want the  hip-hop or fashion tea, follow the link,  please dear.

Buuuuut for my mandem that are ready to become  Odysseus on a budget, let’s see what the rest of the world was up to.

According to Google’s Year in Search report, the keypad warriors…

…had a few enquiries for Google this year and they had their mind set on these top destinations this year.


Italy is the height of minimalism that is also aristocratic af, not in terms of money, but in terms of the aesthetics, the delicious culture and the deep rich history (I mean, we’ve ALL seen the ‘God Father’ hehe), OF COURSE everyone wanted to be in Italy this year, we were all probably looking through google images, imagining wine tasting and gorging on Gnocchi. Over 90 million people actually went, and the Italian people 39.2 billion euros from Tourism alone this year.

Paris, France

If Paris didn’t make it to this list then throw the whole blog away eh? Haha! Yes yes of course the heart and hub of global fashion was also top of mind for the keypad warriors. It’s easy to see why anyone with taste would want to go to France. In terms of architecture and design, they are arguably one of the best. But because Google search enquiries doesn’t equate actual arrivals, the tourism foot traffic recorded in Paris this year was a little over 17 million and the revenue gotten from tourism was 10.3 billion euros.


A country that gets 30% of its revenues from tourism gast really sabi the tourism thing well. I mean the whole point of traveling is just so you can use enjoyment to kill yourself in another man’s land, can you imagine a better way to ease stress after a long hard year at work? Well, me neither. Iceland had over 2 million tourists this year and the exact revenue for tourism hasn’t been published as at the time of this post.

The Bahamas

Lmfao OF COURSE everyone was Googling THE Bahamas, that place is synonymous with ‘vacation’ ‘travel’, they are like the Heineken of Travel, nobody is ‘dragging’ it with them.