Last week, ‘Amaka’ topped the radio charts in Nigeria as the number 1 played song for a week.

Everyone would say this is because 2 Baba sang it, but do you also know that 2 baba has had several songs that have flopped and made zero wave?

If his personality alone was that magnetic, all his songs should bang, right?

Well, content doesn’t exactly work that way.

There is a formula to it, of course there are particular factors that are more important than the others, but the ingredients must be complete.

It’s like making fried rice without curry or jollof rice without tomatoes, even if you serve it with the most the delicious chicken or assortments, it just won’t look and taste right.

Everyone knows 2 Baba makes music that connects to the average person (or Nigerians). His first album, ‘Grass 2 Grace’, which was a hit, is a testament to this.

There are some important factors that makes your content bang, and when I mean content, I’m talking about anything from the basic banter you have with friends to the ultimate Super Bowl ads that gulps millions. Everything in between (for those who don’t know) is movies, songs, music videos, creatives, memes, gifs, dance. Basically any form of communication that tells a story, could be verbal or non-verbal.

As communication consultants, the key factors that should be present in any content we put out depends heavily on format and platform, but there are two standard factors to consider.


So, because the subject of this article is an mp3 format type of music, you know the mixing and mastering of the final product has to be lit, from the bass to the snare to the talking drum or whatever the f*ck you choose to throw into the mix.

Audio is not seen, so it is the easiest type of content that literally anyone can be distracted from, for you to be able to hold someone’s attention, for the 3-4 minutes your music is being played, enough for them to appreciate the music enough to now decide they enjoy and want to listen to it on repeat. You have to come correct fam.


Why does anyone find anything interesting? It’s simple; could be either how relatable they find the story (memes, gifs) or how interesting they find the story (Is it funny, bizarre, shocking, disgusting?).

2 Baba talked about a certain Amaka that didn’t show up after he heavily prepared to host her, which dude doesn’t know an Amaka? Which girl is not even an Amaka?.

He narrated the story with witty lyrics like “I don wait so tey, I don dey lose weight o”

Please, why won’t the song bang?