Lol guys, this post is just for bants, PLEASE don’t take it personal.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can move forward with the gist now.

So Google is just 20 years old and figuratively speaking the most knowledgeable child on earth, you know it and I know it, but what you don’t know is what Nigerians at large were asking this poor child all through last year.

Well, I’ve seen Google’s Year in Search for 2018 and I gotta say some of these questionssss, got damn.

I’m just gonna let you guys decide. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


1. How to check Jamb result

At least these ones want to move forward in life.


2. How to write a business plan

Can’t even lie, thought of my Igbo brothers when I saw this question… and to be honest, the subregions that had the highest spike for this question was predominantly Igbo. On God, you can check for yourself.


3. Who is leading in Osun Election?

Lmao millennials in Nigeria didn’t care about the elections until OBO got involved. If you know, you know.


4. How to check BVN

Oh they froze your account and suddenly the same BVN matter they’ve been dragging you to come and fix now has you sweating Google. Make it make sense.


5. Who is Prince Harry?

I just… I can’t. I cannnnaaaahhhh.


6. Who is the richest Musician in Nigeria?

Probably Wizkid FC and OBO’s fans going at it again on Twitter, scouring Google for receipts at 2am. E ku ise o.


7. How to write a CV

The only two subregions interested in this question were Lagos and Abuja. Cause yo after landing in the lands flowing with ‘milk and honey’ for the people that can finesse, you gotta make sure your CV is peng eh?


8. How to dance Shaku Shaku

No comment. Really, what else can I say? Jide Kosoko’s face already communicated everything I needed to say. Thank you, next.


9. Who is Atiku’s running mate?

Not gonna lie Atiku’s digital campaign so far has slapped harder than Kris Jenner’s work ethic.


10.  Who is the President of Croatia?

According to the data Google provided, the search for this enquiry spiked during the World Cup, aaand do you know who else was at the World Cup? The President of f*cking Croatia with her fine a**.

So while everyone was cheering their favourite teams, these ones were looking at woman.

O ga ju.